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March 17, 2010 / theatregrad


The spires of Oxford – pretty but I don’t think I will miss them!

It’s been 6 months since I started my traineeship year, the halfway point has been reached and passed. Time really does fly!
In fact we have reached the end of another academic term here, leaving just one more term of students to get through before the home stretch that is summer vacation time.  I’ve successfully passed my probationary period and now its just a case of keeping up the good work.

The last 6 months have been eventful.  Most of it has been good, there have been a few rough moments but life would be quite dull without them.   I expect things will get more eventful too, masters place is secured however I still have little doubts about whether I’m making the right choices.   The funding situation is very much up in the air, an email to Sheffield earlier led to the discovery that all applicants will be informed of their success so far next week.

Whatever happens though, I will be leaving Oxford because by the end of the summer I think I will have had enough.   I enjoy Oxford and have great friends here however there isn’t really much to keep me here.  No doubt the good friends will move on as Oxford isn’t for them much either and it just doesn’t feel like home.   I did approach this traineeship with the ‘it’s only for a year’ attitude right from the start though and never had much intention of making a life for myself here.   I don’t think Oxford is a place that could become home for me.  I long for London.  For the lights, the crowds, the size and the culture., even the dirty run down side of London appeals.   I like proper cities.   Oxford is not a proper city but a strange make believe land.

So what does the future hold (apart from more endless labelling, shelving and telling people where the toilets are!);

  • More exciting traineeship experiences – some trips to other libraries are lined up, the project needs finishing and maybe I will finally get a chance to be involved in some reclassification in my library.
  • Career development opportunities – I’m excited about the prospect of attending the New Professionals Conference in the summer (as long as I’m allowed to have some time out of the library), will be great to meet all the bloggers and tweeters that I follow!
  • Starting my MA Librarianship course and meeting people; I’m excited though already having little doubts about doing Information Management would have been better but perhaps the title is not so important…

After that who knows where I will end up. Life is certainly one big exciting adventure!

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  1. Sarah Hogg / Mar 19 2010 2:37 pm

    “I did approach this traineeship with the ‘it’s only for a year’ attitude right from the start though and never had much intention of making a life for myself here”

    - Me too!

    As much I am enjoying this year, I will be glad to leave Oxford and go back to the North!

    Is London where you hope to end up?

    • theatregrad / Mar 19 2010 3:07 pm

      I’ve always dreamt of moving to London at some point because of all the wonderful cultural/artsy stuff and now my boyfriend is moving there as of the summer which is another incentive.

      Where are you hoping to go next year again?

  2. Sarah Hogg / Mar 19 2010 3:29 pm

    Generally the North! Well next year either Manchester or Lancaster (I will hopefully be at MMU and my boyfriend at Lancaster) but wouldn’t mind ending up back in the North-East one day. But like you’ve said; the future seems (and kind of is) so far away that I don’t really know where I’ll end up!

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