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September 23, 2011 / theatregrad

Thing 10: Library Routes

I blogged before about how I ended up doing a graduate traineeship followed by a postgraduate qualification in Librarianship here.

On reflection it is a rambling, personal and wooly explanation of my decisions in life so far. So to sum up for clarity…

  • Accidental is an excellent word to describe my journey so far.  I liked the idea of living in Oxford and the idea of working in a library didn’t offend.  So a graduate traineeship was undertaken.
  • I liked being a graduate trainee and I loved the idea of being part of a profession which meant helping people, researching stuff, and looking after all the important information so the decision to go on to do a masters was an easy one.
  • I chose full-time study because I love studying.  If I could have done a masters instead of working after finishing my undergraduate degree I would have done however being a student is expensive.  I picked Sheffield as the AHRC funding allowed me to throw myself back into academia.  Not working is a huge regret because I now lack experience but I loved the course.
  • Now have finished the course and will start a new job in October.  I am going to spend the next 6 months working at a television company in the role of assistant media librarian.  I can’t tell much about the job as I haven’t started it yet but whatever I’m doing day to day it will be good to get some more library work on my cv.

That is the bare bones of my story.  The reality is so much more.  So rich and varied that it would be impossible to write it all down.

I’ve only been in the profession two years but have had so many fantastic experiences.  I’ve had a taste of the challenges of day to day work in a library. I’ve work shadowed and visited many different libraries.  I’ve attended conferences. I’ve spoken at conferences.  I’ve blogged, and tweeted, and discovered a whole online world of library people ready to engage in debate and discussion.

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