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Chartership: Excuses, Excuses…

3 May

A long overdue blog post about my failed attempts at Chatership. Or a list of excuses about why I still haven’t managed to do my Chatership, two years on from giving CILIP my 50 quid registration fee.

  1. It’s really really hard to focus on Chartership when you don’t have job stability. When I registered for Chatership, full of hope and good intentions, I was bouncing from one short contract to the next. For me this meant the ongoing stress of job hunting, just in case I didn’t get a new contract. Did I focus on keeping my CV up to date and writing job applications or did I spend time writing up my Chatership? I prioritised job hunting and didn’t have the energy for Chatership as well.
  2. If you move jobs then evidence becomes out of date. I have a folder on my computer called Chatership, and it is full of evidence collected during my last job. However it all seems a bit useless now as I’m doing something very different. If I was to complete the PKSB for my current job I would pick very different sections to focus on, for example a lot of my evidence is for Records Management & Archiving.
  3. For Chartership you need to reflect on organisational context which is hard if you move jobs a lot.  It takes time to get to grips with a new job, and an organisation. Perhaps the reflective aspect of Chartership would be useful for starting a new job in a new organisation though, as it could provide a neat framework for refelecting on your organisational context.
  4. A lot of employers don’t care meaning it is harder to find the time to do it. In my last job I managed to get it made part of my appraisal objectives but then I left.  If I had stayed a little bit longer, I probably would have got it done by now!
  5. Sometimes I worry that maybe I’m just not that committed to focusing on Chartership incase I can’t get another library job. But then I worry that if I don’t put the effort into Chatership I definitely won’t get another library job.

Looking back on that list, it definitely reads like a list of rubbish excuses. I’ve got until October in my current job, so although I am reluctant to start it all over again from the begining, I am going to try vary hard to just get it all done before my job ends.


Long Time No See

14 Feb

This blog is being ressurected.  It has been a quiet couple of years on the blogging front. I haven’t had much to say and I’ve been busy focusing on things other than being a librarian, like running. Although I have been writing the odd thing elsewhere for SLA Europe and NLPN.

So why bring it back now?

I’m going to attempt one last go at Chartership whilst I’ve got a job so need somewhere to document my progress.  This blog seems to be as good a place as any. Hopefully having a blog will mean I get some reflective writing done and make it easier to keep track of things.

I’ll write more about my previous failed Chartership journies in a future blog post. There are references to getting Chatership done in previous posts on this blog so my intentions have been around for years but progress has been minimal.