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A Never Ending Job Hunting Cycle

30 Jul

Job hunting seems to be never-ending cycle.

In my experience the job hunting cycle goes something like this:

1) Relief – being offered a job
2) Joy – enjoying the new job
3) Worry – uncertainty of what next and when best to start looking for the next job
4) Panic – over the lack of jobs to apply for and the lack of response to applications submitted
5) Suspense – waiting to hear back applications and interviews

I don’t know for sure, but based on some loose assumptions, it seems that fixed term work and short-term contracts are the employment situation faced by many new professionals (and all job seekers at the moment!).  These opportunities are great as they mean lots of variety in the early stages of a career but job security can be a big disadvantage.

Jobcentre Plus by J J Ellison

When I was at library school stressing about finding a job, I somewhat naively thought that once I was employed the worry about job hunting would end. Since graduating and finding a job I’ve discovered that the worry doesn’t go away. At least not for those who only secure employment on a fixed term contract.

To give some background to my employment situation I started job hunting about halfway through the MA course.  I didn’t plan on looking so early but I found myself caught up in the general panic and stress of my peers about the job market. After a lot of disappointment and panic about unsuccessful applications over the summer during my dissertation I was offered a job the day after handing in my dissertation. Perfect timing but there is always a catch with a great situation.

Initially I was only employed on a 6 month contract so not long after starting I found myself worrying about what my next job would be and more importantly when I should start looking for it. Unfortunately my job hunting was fruitless, but fortunately I was kept on for another 6 months. Having another 6 months of work lined up was a huge relief but in light of the failure of my previous job hunting efforts, it was not long before I started to worry about finding another job.  A new opportunity arose at work that I was able to apply for meaning I am now contracted until the end of 2012.  Time seems to be rapidly passing however and job hunting is once again on my mind.

For now I’m able to focus my job seeking efforts on opportunities that fit with my interests and aspirations as I’ve got the security of a job until the end of the year. However  I’m dreading December appearing out of nowhere and being in a position where I haven’t been able to find the next job move that I really want, and needing to resort to the apply for anything and everything approach which is not ideal.  I’m not specifically looking for a permanent position although I’m starting to think that a break from the worry about where the next job will come from could be quite nice.

I hate job hunting.